What is a Vendor

An Information Technology Vendor is an entity that is the creator of an IT product or Service that is to be supplied to another entity.

Choosing a distributor to work with can seem daunting; after all, the market is vast and working with the channel is easier said than done. The right alliances, the right partners, the right time.

When you partner with Adroit Distribution, you gain an instant team that not just believes in your product, but also has the connections and know-how to work with the channel successfully.

In addition, Adroit Distribution offers ad hoc vendor services which allow you to focus on making your offering the best it can be, while we take care of the rest.

See some examples of ad hoc Vendor Services below:

  • Incubator Services – supporting Vendors to develop or enhance a channel led or mixed model engagement in APAC and/or other regions
  • Start-Up Support – consulting services provided by experienced professionals, who know all the tricks of the trade
  • Channel Entry – we facilitate channel entry and assist with helping your offering get the attention it deserves
  • Implementing renewal automation tools and systems
  • Assisting software businesses convert perpetual into subscription
  • Comprehensive Business Services – including account management and business development management
  • Establishing consumer led communities and user groups
  • Developing competitive positioning artefacts
  • International Expansion Support – helping you establish a footprint in another country
  • Reviewing internal operational systems – software review process
  • Innovative Product Introduction – introducing new paradigms and concepts to the channel
  • Brokerage – buying services for the channel


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